Ford Explorer Design Features

The Ford Explorer went through a complete redesign for the 2020 model year. Instead of looking like a miniature version of the larger Ford Expedition, it now has a streamlined design. It caters more to the active driver and family rather than the heavy-duty off-roader.

One of the feature enhancements made in the Explorer's design is LED lighting in the front and rear of the vehicle. Not only does this change provide better illumination but it also saves energy. Another design shift is an upgrade to polished, 20-inch aluminum wheels. Along with the other feature enhancements, the design of the Ford Explorer achieves a mix of activity and luxury.

There's one way to see these changes -- visit our Ford dealership. There, you can take a look at the various Ford Explorer trims and their design updates. It's also the time to take a test drive and see how the SUV's performance matches its design.

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