The 2022 Ford Mustang's cabin is more refined than ever, thanks to an evolutionary design that pays homage to classic Mustangs while still being completely practical and comfortable for everyday use around Madison, TN. Options include front seats that may be heated or cooled.

The Ford Mustang here at Town & Country is an excellent everyday vehicle because of its stellar performance and large baggage capacity. The seats have a top-notch design that allows one to sit in for hours without cramps or discomfort. The seats are available with heating and ventilation, and they've been ergonomically designed to adjust to various driver heights, reducing strain on the spine when shifting.

Seats have adjustable bolsters to keep occupants in place during complicated cornering maneuvers or high-speed driving. Both front and rear seats are spacious enough for people of modest stature but can easily accommodate those who need more room. The Ford wins with one of the enormous center-console bins among its competitors.

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