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  • Lee Beasley
    General Manager
    (615) 865-1280

    Lee has been in the car business all his life.  Knows the value of a car, any make, any model.  He is all cars all day long - almost 365 days a year!  Been told by his employees that he is not allowed to retire - ever!  He's a keeper!

  • Jeff Bianchi
    General Sales Director
    (615) 865-1280

    Actively participates and supports Hero Hunt.  Loves fishing and hunting with a passion.  He is also widely known as "The #1 Car Man in Nashville".  He knows cars and trucks as good or better than he does hunting and that says a lot!

  • Jeff Callahan
    Sales Manager
    (615) 865-1280

    If you are into hunting, fishing and sports - so is Jeff.  He is also a pretty darn good car guy.  When you text through our website texting app, you are speaking to him.  You would be surprised how many people get most of their details and info through texting when buying.

  • Tristan Jenkins
    Sales Manager
    (615) 865-1280

    Some know Tristan as "Jenx" - so you can call him that too.  He loves working with customers to get them a deal.  We have customer's that come just to work with him.  Definitely found his career path.

  • Barbara Shanks
    Finance Director
    (615) 865-1280

    The worlds #1 Elvis fan!  Love Elvis, loves her doggies, loves her husband too!  Also one of our long-time employees.  

  • Shaun Busby
    Finance Director
    (615) 865-1280

    Shaun has been in the automotive business a long, long time.  He looks really good for his age.  Great person to contact when looking to purchase a warranty on a new or used car.  Loves Publix blueberry pie!

  • Angela Stewart
    Finance Manager/Special Operations
    (615) 865-1280

    Started with Lincoln-Mercury in 1997 as a Customer Relations Manager - with a touch of geek.  Came to Town & Country Ford in 2005, as resident geek.  Love the Ford technology - Sync is the best thing Ford came out with in my opinion.  Been loving the Ford brands for a long time now.  It is all my parents have ever driven, it is all I have ever driven.  LOVE FORD!

  • Bill Thorne
    Fleet Sales Director
    (615) 865-1280

    Been in the business for a long time.  If it's a truck or Transit, he is the man with the answers.  Makes him perfect for Fleet/Business customers.  Very knowledgeable about the product and what makes a good fit.  He is passionate about Alabama as well - Roll Tide!

  • James Bellamy
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (615) 865-1280

    James has put in a good amount of time as a Sales Consultant here at Town & Country Ford.  He has a son that he adores, you'll hear stories about him all day long.  He works hard to help his customers find the right car at the right price.

  • Emerson Edwards
    Sales Consultant

  • Marcus Folks
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (615) 865-1280

    New to Town & Country Ford, but far from new to the Ford brand.  He may be familiar to some of you who have purchased from him before.  He has found a new home and is ready to assist you with just a call.

  • Austin Larkin
    Sales Consultant

  • Jason Larkin
    Master Certified Sales Consultant

    If you like to fish and talk about fishing and boats for fishing, and the gear for fishing.  Jason is your guy!  He also knows his stuff when it comes to Ford's and other makes as well.  You'll be impressed with his level of knowledge on both subjects. 

  • Bob McQuinn
    Sales Consultant

  • C.R. Shock
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (615) 865-1280

  • Maverick Sweatt
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (615) 865-1280

    Maverick has a loyal following, and a good memory.  Loves the Ford product line.  Not sure if it is because the logo is blue like UK - Go Wildcats!  As one of our long time sales staff, he has seen many changes in the Ford product line from body style to technology.  Keeping up with it all, not easy, but necessary.

  • Kerry Felts
    Parts Manager
    (615) 865-1280

    Kerry is a long-time employee of Town & Country Ford.  Fully staffed to meet the demand for the Nashville area Ford Parts.  Over the years he has been involved in basesball as a coach for city teams.  When people count sheep, he recites part numbers to fall asleep.  If you have a parts question he and his knowledgeable staff are the people you want to talk to.

  • Mike Welch
    Service Director
    (615) 865-1280

    Mike is a long time Ford Service Manager, he came to us from our sister store in Indiana.  We are fortunate to have him here.  He is great with customers and has an open door policy.  He is also a Master Certified Technician, so he has an understanding of everything Service, not just the management side.  He can explain and understand any Ford Service issue you might have.

  • Mitch Goolsby
    Service Manager
    (615) 620-7332

    Mitch knows service and keeps the shop running at top performance.  He a get 'er done kinda guy.  Which is a great benefit to our customers.  He keeps everything on target with the customer as the focus.

  • Corey "CJ" Johnson
    Master Certified Service Advisor
    (615) 612-3758

  • Daniel Thomson
    Certified Service Advisor
    (615) 612-3758

    Daniel has been a Master Certified Service Advisor for a long time.  He is Ford all day long 365-days a year.   One of his specialties is Fleet, dealing with the various Commercial accounts and warranties.  

  • Cory Welch
    Service Advisor
    (615) 612-3832

  • Shannon Wix
    Service Advisor
    (615) 865-1280

    Shannon is a happy, happy guy.  He has a twinkle in his eye and knows his cars.  He is the first guy on the left when you pull into the service department.

  • Fidel Yslas
    Service Advisor
    (615) 612-3759

    Fidel is one jolly soul - always a laugh and smile.  Not surprisingly, he does speak Spanish and we are grateful for that.  He has worked at a Ford dealership outside the US, which is pretty cool.  Loves baseball and his family.  

  • Aaron Martin
    Collision Center Manager
    (615) 865-8882

    Aaron has been in the body shop side of the business for quite some time, doing repairs himself.  When you know it from the nuts and bolts, you have a better understanding and can explain to customers much easier.  He takes pride in the work that is done in the shop and is always looking to do even better.

  • Melissa Boleman
    Body Shop Estimator
    (615) 865-1280 x.300

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