The 2023 Ford Transit Connect Wagon's hands-free foot-activated liftgate has a sensor that can detect when your hand or feet are near the liftgate and automatically open it as you approach the vehicle. This allows you to keep your hands on other things, like groceries or packages, as you approach the car.

Rain-sensing windshield wipers automatically adjust the speed and sweep of your windshield wipers based on the intensity of rain. You can turn off this feature with a button on the steering wheel. Ford's vehicles are equipped with a variety of safety features to help keep you safe.

The Automatic Climate Control System includes automatic temperature control, automatic air recirculation, automatic defrost, and cabin ventilation. The system also features an automatic interior air filter to keep out pollutants and dust particles. A headlamp control automatically adjusts the brightness of your headlights based on the road conditions in Madison, TN, similarly, windshield wipers will adjust to your driving speed for optimal visibility in rain or snowfall.

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